Personnel and Members


  • Dave Shaw, Extension Forest Health Specialist




  • Alan Kanaskie, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Danny Norlander, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Sarah Navarro, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Mark Gourley, Starker Forests
  • Margaret Banks, Stimson Lumber Co.
  • Kristen Chadwick, USDA Forest Service
  • John Browning, Weyerhaeuser
  • Holly Kearns, USDA, Forest Service
  • Gregory Clinton, BLM
  • Anna Leon, Weyerhaeuser Corp.
  • Bill Marshall, Cascade Timber Consulting Inc.
  • George McFadden, Bureau of Land Management
  • Jake Hilger, Stimson Lumber Co.

SNCC Members